Environmental Toxicology

At the international level, especially in the European Community and USA, the use of the zebrafish model has been validated through OECD and ISO standards and regulations for the evaluation of water quality and safety of chemical compounds.

At the same time, in Chile, the new secondary water quality standards incorporate bioassays as complementary tools to determine the impacts of pollutants on aquatic communities, which, together with its integration to into OECD, makes necessary to incorporate these practices by the national and regional industry.

We offer evaluation of effects of environmental matrices, chemical compounds and liquid industrial waste (RILES) in:

  • Survival, LC50 (NCh-ISO 15088; NCh 3385:2016; OCDE FET Test)
  • Evaluation of hatching success  (NCh 3385:2016; OCDE FET Test)
  • Embryonic development: embryonic toxicity, teratogenesis (NCh 3385:2016)
  • Cellular toxicity: cytotoxicity and peripheral neurotoxicity.